In 1985, NEWTEC was formed by two visionary engineers named Dirk Breynaert (currently CTO at Newtec) and Jean-Marie Maes. Their vision led them to establish one of the world’s leading satellite communication equipment company. NEWTEC’s focus on R&D helped it to develop leading satellite communication equipment and standards. The company’s commitment to innovative technology brought it industry recognition.

NEWTEC has been developing satellite communication equipment and technologies for broadcast, government and defense, IP trunking and consumer and enterprise VSAT for more than 28 years. NEWTEC has a team of dedicated individuals whose focus is on meeting industry standards with efficient, scalable and economical solutions. The company’s expertise coupled with its relationship with customers helps NEWTEC make the world more connected and informed.

The power of satellite communication is such that it allows information to be transmitted anywhere and NEWTEC’s vision is to help build a safer, better informed and more connected world for everyone.